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 Shillong Teer Result 

Welcome to one of the biggest dream based games in India! It is a traditional game famously known as Thoh Tim and currently, it is famous as Shillong Teer. It is a legal game played in Shillong, Meghalaya and regulated by the Meghalaya government of the India.

Shillong Teer result

Morning Shillong Teer Result

*Note: Latest result will be updated automatically, if you are seeing old result here, just wait for result timing it will change to latest results, and also keep refreshing page again to get fast result.

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Shillong Teer Common Number Today | Shillong Teer House Ending 

Shillong Teer Common Number

Common number in this game is very popular for betting on it so that players can get good success rate.

It consists of certain calculations done on the previous results, so that players can have some sort of edge while playing the teer game.

You can check all list dream numbers from below, also there are house and ending number too which you can get after doing some calculations.

If you want to know how the Shillong Teer common numbers are calculated then read this, then you will be able to calculate by yourself.

• You can check all shillong teer common number for Morning, Evening and Night Teer game.

• The complete list of all Shillong Teer Dream number and their meaning at one place.

Shillong Teer Previous Result List

Shillong Teer Previous Result List

This previous result list plays very important role in the life teer game players because from here they can try to find the particular patterns of numbers, but we are not saying these tricks fully work but yes, instead of playing on random number daily you can play for specific number of specific day.

This list contains Date and First Round and Second Round shillong teer khela old result

If you want to check all complete shillong teer result list from 2014 to 2022 then you can check from above link. We have currently stopped providing previous result list on this page.

    All Dates   First Round Second Round
Date First Round Second Round
23/02/2022 Vist New
Visit New
22/02/2022 5536
21/02/2022 7006
20/02/2022 ....
19/02/2022 4871
18/02/2022 7331
17/02/2022 1846
16/02/2022 4917
15/02/2022 2732
14/02/2022 4868
13/02/2022 ....
12/02/2022 5475
11/02/2022 9831
10/02/2022 8352
09/02/2022 9855
08/02/2022 5343
07/02/2022 3157
06/02/2022 ....
05/02/2022 0152
04/02/2022 1326
03/02/2022 0350
19/01/2022 0882
18/01/2022 3972
16/01/2022 ....
15/01/2022 4418
14/01/2022 1115
13/01/2022 2710
12/01/2022 4535
11/01/2022 1638

Information about Shillong Teer

Shillong teer result, what us shillong teer

From here you will know everything about the teer game of Shillong, like what it is, what are types, how to play and is it legal or illegal and also if legal then why it is it legal.

• What is Shillong Teer

What is shillong teer | how to play

It is an archery and dream number interpretation based, number prediction game played in the Polo ground of Shillong.

7. Malki
8. Mawlai
9. Pynthor
10. Rangbiria
11. Senglang
12. Wahingdoh

The Shillong Teer result is announced at 3:45 PM for First Round and 4:45 PM for Second Round from Monday to Saturday.

• What are the types of Teer games

What the types of teer games

There are the three most popular and the major Teer games in India.
1. Shillong Teer
Time: Monday to Friday
Night - 

• Shillong Teer is legal or illegal

Shillong teer is legal or illegal

It is 100℅ legal to play the Shillong Teer game but only if you are in or a resident of  randomly, you will have to select a number based on your last night dream.

It is the most famous way of predicting the number in the whole Shillong. It is a traditional and mythology that there are more chances that Shillong Teer results will be in your  of 30.48 meters or 100 ft away from the shooter. 

The arrow is made up of cane tree wood and generally marked with different colours so that each club of Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association can remember their arrows and other one is the target, it is nothing, it is a place where archers throw their arrows, and it is also a rule-based that the height and width should of particular measurements in Shillong Teer. Height should be between 61 cm - 102 cm and a circumference between 66 cm - 127 cm is needed.

First  of arrows hit the target is 677 then the winning number is 77.

After this Shillong teer first-round result is declared and the winner gets 80rs for a 1rs ticket or 8,000 rs for a 100rs ticket

Second which will throw arrows. Secondly, now archers will get 20 arrows instead of 30. Lastly, the third one is the Shillong teer result prize which is reduced to 60rs for a 1rs ticket or 6,000rs for a 100rs ticket.

4. Get the Shillong  which means if you bought a 100rs ticket it will become 8,000rs.

If you won in only the second round then you will get 60rs for a 1rs ticket.

But, if you guessed the perfect number in both rounds then you will get bumper 4,000rs for a 1rs ticket, which means if this jackpot, and it is known as "fourcast" if you won in both the rounds.

Why the governmentteer counter owners earn Rs 350 to Rs 500 daily and archers who throw arrows are also paid around Rs 300 daily.

There are some reasons why people play this game. First of all, is the hope to win find alternative ways and this game seems to them is the best.

The report from also highlighted the thoughts of local people of Shillong who also said something similar to the above.

• What is Shillong teer tip today

There is no sure way to predict the fully accurate results every time but many people use from the various mathematical formulas and probability.

So, there are good chance of getting success, so many best way to calculate common number.

2. Shillong teer number on which you place your bit, so choose it carefully, generally, it is chosen on the based of the last night dream of a person. Here is the shillong teer dream number, khanapar teer dream number, juwai teer dream number with thier meaning

Shillong teer target

It is a place where archers throw their arrows, and it has a height of 61 cm to 102 cm and a circumference of 66 cm to 127 cm. It is done to make this game uniform and rule-based to avoid any cheating.

• Main Shillong Teer result

There are various types of teer games and the main Shillong teer result is updated very quickly on this site, you go above or you can check it on official website

• Shillong Teer today tips

Today's tip for perfect Shillong teer result is to get some basic knowledge of this game and firstly, observe which type of numbers usually come, then do the calculation by using formula number to predict which number will come in the latest Shillong teer result. 

You can find formulas to calculate common number on page, just scroll down to little bit, you will find section on how to calculate common number.

• Shillong Teer today chart

You can check the shillong teer result chart of today on this site to know the Shillong Teer result list, just go above you will find it or you can go to the official site

• Shillong Teer tomorrow tips | Shillong Teer tomorrow lucky number

Genuinely saying no one knows what will come tomorrow, but you can do the calculations of which number has more chances of coming with the Shillong teer formula number. Again, I would like to say don't follow this rule blindly, do your research.

• Shillong Teer the lucky number

You can know a lucky number of winners from here by refreshing this website.

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