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List of temporary numbers sites

I have been using these sites for a long time, all sites are free to use and can give real OTP for bypassing spammers. 

All sites that are fake ( there were total 57 sites that I tested ) and don't provide any real sms or they are paid tools are already excluded, and if any site stops working then please tell us in the comment section, we will update it as soon as possible and yes, we will give you credit also and it is just a request.

One important thing to note is that if you are not getting OTP on one very specific site then there are some other options also like to get paid OTP providers numbers or my best is to use VOIP numbers ( Voice over Internet Protocol ), there some free and paid apps for VOIP numbers, and best everywhere working free app is "2ndline" you can search on play/app store and start using it.

The only little drawback of this app is only USA specific limited numbers are there, but I think they are giving you the completely real like number for free what more to expect from them?

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( Tool no. 3 has the power to bypass strong anti-spam security sites like Facebook, Microsoft, etc that they can't detect that it is a temporary email, and this tool is not available on internet easily and they provide long term temporary email also like 400 days, 800 days, 900 days, I too found it after intense research and by sharing here I have definitely saved your time )

1. Pingme.tel 

Free temporary mobile number

Country numbers: US, UK, Australia, Canada, Austria, Sweden, Netherlands

2. ReceiveSmsOnline.info

Receive free sms online

Country numbers: India, US, UK, France, Sweden

3. GetFreeSmsNumber.com

Temporary phone number for otp

Country numbers: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, Estonia

4. Texranywhere.com - Paid but 20 days free trail available

Premium temporary mobile number

Link: https://www.textanywhere.com/

Country numbers: Australia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, UK

I have test all tools on various sites and sms are perfectly working on them and these tools are totally free, there are some paid options also which you can opt for; otherwise, I have already told about the alternatives free way to get number also above.

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