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What is Google Drive Direct Link Generator?

It is a tool that converts your long Google Drive drive link into short and also makes it downloadable in just one click without any more loading.

How to get google drive link for sharing

Step 1. Go to google drive in your mobile or pc

Step 2. Long press the file you want copy

Step 3. You see many options then select "Get link"

Step 4. Change the link setting what ever you want, restricted or anyone with link can download this option.

Step 5. Copy link and paste in gdrive direct link generator.

How use Google Drive direct link generator?

Just follow these steps

Step 1. Go to your google drive

Step 2. Copy the link of picture or video or anything you want to download directly

Step 3. Go to Google and search "Google drive direct link generator by"

Step 4. Paste your copied link into the tool, you found on this site and press "Generate" as shown in the below screenshot.

It is sample of google drive direct link generator

Step 5. Get the link and copy it and use it anywhere you want.

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