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Best free alternative of opstra definedge strategy builder | Free options strategy Builder, Backtester and Simulator

This tool mostly work on Indian indexes of Nifty and BankNifty

What is stock mock?


It is a stock market tool made for Options players for backtesting their strategies in free for limited time ( in 4th para I will tell you how to get it free ), it is also used for creating options strategies to see how your strategies look like and where is your break-even when you will get profit and loss in your account. Lastly, Options simulator on stock mock is best where you can check how your custom strategy worked in previous phases of market, you can check on daily basis, 30min, or even 1 min time frame that how your strategy behaved in that certain time.

How to do backtesting?


Just go to this site and then create what type of strategy you want and then set time frame like when to enter and when to exit and also set limit from which year to which year then just press Backtest button, all results will in front of you, like how may failures and success in percentage and day wise.

How to create options strategies?


Click on more button on top right corner, just go to option simulator then you will come in this area where you can create your own custom options strategies by selecting different strike prices and dates of expiry.

How to use stock mock Options simulator?


You see Auto run button, this from where you can run your strategy on 1 min or 1 day basis till the day of expiry. 

And second arrow is on date this is time when you entered in trade and want to see how your strategy worked from that day.
This date show be before before the expiry; otherwise, it will not work. 

Just go from here directly and use it on your own only then you will get to use it in perfect way!

How to use this tool free for unlimited time?

It is highly recommended you to appreciate such things by buying them and not to exploit loopholes, but I'm sharing this way in order to help very new commer (especially students) in market who either can't afford or wanted to check how things work with real examples. But, still if you have some money just give appreciation to such a good tool maker. Importantly, you will get free credits to use it every month, so if you don't use it all time then you need to do nothing.

Step 1. Search on google "temporary mobile number for otp", select any website and get one number to get OTP while registering in stockmock

Step 2. Search on google "temporary email address/account" same here, get OTP and signup.

Step 3. Use that tool and after limit of backtesting is reached, again sign up with new account with new number and email. Unlimited use in free but time consuming.