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Introduction: Best and most useful sites

Technology is advancing day by day! Isn't it? Why not keep yourself updated with new information on the internet to know about a few useful websites or tools which can help in making your life easier. 

Quick summary -

• Dictation.io :

Convert Voice into words

• Photopea.com :

Online photo editor

• Pingme.tel :

Free virtual phone number

• Postimages.org :

Store and share photos

• Bruno-simon.com :

Enjoy its great experience and animation

• TheTrueSize.com :

Find the real size of every country by moving them 

• Adultswim.com - elastic man :

Get relief from boredom

• Adultswim.com - soup :

Enjoy the satisfaction it gives

• Adultswim.com - choir :

Wonderful site for entertainment and various sounds

• Ahrefs keyword generator :

Find what people search and how much

• Innocentive :

Earn by giving solutions to the problems

• Offidocs :

Run heavy and big offline tools, online

• Mockuphone.com :

Get mock-ups of mobiles

• Mediamodifier.com :

Get mock-ups of many many things

• Smartmockups.com :

Mock-ups for bags, products and clothes

• Printful.com :

Mock-ups especially for t-shirts, cups and other new clothes

• Placeit.net : 

Best mock-ups in the form of video and photo format

• Google trends :

Keep updated with trending searches and topic

• Appcloudsquad.com : 

Unlimited cloud storage with very fast file transfer

• Undraw.co :

Best free graphics of various categories for your daily use

The main content in detail

Here you can find the information on the websites discussed above in more detail.

1. Dictation.io


Link: click

This website helps in the transcription of your words means it will convert your speech to words in any language of the world with the best AI technology.

2. Photopea.com


Link: click 

This is an online photo editor tool, it works similar to photoshop, but it is completely free and easy to use online.

3. Pingme.tel


Link: click

It is a tool that gives you the phone numbers of the USA and Canada for limited use. You can use it for receiving opt or can use it for signing up on various platforms.

4. Postimages.org


Link: click 

This is a very useful website that let you upload any of your pictures in this and share them with others. You can put expire date on this picture or you can keep that picture forever. I had personally used it many times to send pictures in bulk to another person.

5. Bruno-simon.com


Link: click

This website is for entertainment purposes, but you can also learn good things from them that how they developed this fantastic website which is exceptionally unique.

6. TheTrueSize.com


Link: click 

This website tells you the actual and real size of one country compared to another. Must visit this site once, very interesting stuff!

7. Adultswim.com - elastic man

Adultswim.com - elastic man

Link: click

Give you chance to stretch the face as much you want! 

8. Adultswim.com - soup

Adultswim.com - soup

Link: click

Just for playing and relaxing your mind on busy days, it has really nice animations and responses to your actions.

9. Adultswim.com - choir

Adultswim.com - choir

Link: click

How can someone ignore this! This is by far the best site to pass your time with. Lips and mouth here are so good and perfect even you will feel like they are real.

10. Ahrefs keyword generator

Ahrefs keyword generator

Link: click

This tool is made free by Ahrefs a few times ago and it let you search as many keywords as you want and it shows you the search volume and keyword difficulty. You can use this information in a better way to rank your site on Google, and you can search the keywords for YouTube also and it will help you in ranking on YouTube too.

11. Innocentive


Link: click 

Various communities posts the problems they face and if you give a good solution to that problem then you can earn a good bonus, some are more than $1,000.
Just sign-up and test your problem-solving skills.

12. Offidocs


Link: click 

This unique website helps you to run various heavy software online which requires a lot of ram. They have many tools which you can simply use them online such as Openshot, Gimp, Audacity and much more.

13. Mockuphone.com


Link: click

This website helps you in making mockups of various kinds in different sizes of mobile phones.

14. Mediamodifier.com


Link: click

This website generates a mock-up of your logo or any pictures on various places, walls, banners, etc to give a much more realistic look.
Not only this, it has many many mockups of clothes, cups, mobiles, computers and many more just check it out!

15. Smartmockups.com


Link: click

This website generates various mockups of your choice on the laptop screen, t-shirt, bags, cups and many others.

16. Printful.com


Link: click 

This is also similar to the above one but it has more specialisation in making mockups on clothes like t-shirts, jackets, etc.

17. Placeit.net


Link: click 

I had used it personally and confidentially I can say this is also a great site to use for mockup generation because they give the best quality mock-ups with pictures and video form.

18. Google trends

Google trends

Link: click 

This is another site of Google that provides information about the latest trending searches by the public of the specific area. This is mostly used by professionals but it can be used to know the public behaviour by observing search results made by people.

19. Appcloudsquad.com


Link: click

On this website, you can keep all your files in cloud form and whenever you need to send the file to others you can share with simple one link and when anyone wants to download then he/ she can download all content very easily because the file is already on the cloud, so I don't need to all file again only just small MB will be deducted.

20. Undraw.co


Link: click 

This website is extremely useful in creating thumbnails of video or Frontend development of the website or in freelance graphic design work. This site provides free characters which enhance the beauty of your artwork.

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