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General Introduction: Best Adsense alternatives for Blogger and WordPress

Top manually selected Adsense alternative for the blog with all requirements like minimum traffic, payout and other essential information.

What is an advertising network?

This is the network that provides connections between advertisers who want their products to promote through ads and publishers who want to earn money by promoting the products of advertisers.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense
Credit: Google.com

Google Adsense is an ad network that is most popular in the blogging monetization domain as it is used by more than 10 million sites on the internet. It places different types of ads ( Display Ads on the blogs and Search Engine Ads on the results page ), Google uses AI and many other new technologies to place the best ads on your blog which doesn't hurt readers. 

Despite being one of the best in the industry, it has some limitations which made the rise of its Alternative which can solve those problems which Google Adsense can't.

Problems and limitations with 

Google Adsense?

1) Minimum payout from a Google Adsense account is 100 US dollars. This goal is sometimes hard for newbies to reach and people start getting demotivational thoughts or may quit working on a blog.

2) Google has strict policies which are good to some extent but sometimes people do a lot of hard work on their blog and they got rejected from Google Adsense, even if you already have an Adsense approved website then also your account can be banned from Adsense if you violate their policies.

3) In many countries it pays very low CPC on high Competitive keywords like - Earn Money Online, Digital Marketing, etc.

4) Some people say ads shown by Google are heavy that slow down their website speed, which affects them in ranking.

Then why do people choose Google Adsense?

1) One of the most important advantages is that you can place ads on multiple sites from your single approved Adsense account.

2) Google's ads are user-friendly they don't irritate users as Google always tries to keep its customers happy. If the user does not face any problem in reading and found your content good then they can go to your other blog posts also.

3) They too don't have any certain traffic requirements ( but many people from the blogging industry say it is good to have a total 5k+ visitors on your site to get Adsense's approval fast ). They can approve you fast if you have all mandatory pages, unique and quality content and good traffic on your site.

Note: In the last section on this blog i.e., Conclusion, I will be sharing my personal tips to select the best ads networks for your blog according to the type of the blog.

There are more than 50+ advertising networks to monetize your blog, but here we bring the list of the top most popular and used ad networks which have the capacity to alternate Google Adsense.

The list of top 24 alternatives of Google Adsense with Advantages and Disadvantages

Note: Where ever I mentioned " No minimum traffic requirements " here I am advising all readers to apply for ads from a particular network when you have at least 1000 regular views per month on your blog, so that you don't face any problem while getting approved but it's not mandatory as they said "no minimum traffic requirements" that means you can still apply if you have 100 or 500 visitors or even less 10 views per month.

1. Media.net 


Link: Media.net

This ad network is run by Yahoo and Bing and It is a major competitor of Google Adsense's competitor. Its main edge over Google Adsense is that it gives a high RPM ( Revenue Per thousand Impression rate ). They are the largest in the contextual advertising industry and a good alternative to Google Adsense.

Advantages : 

1) Approval rates are faster

2) High RPM as compared to AdSense

Disadvantages :

1) the US $100 minimum payout

2) Only English content websites are accepted

3) Majority of traffic should be from USA, UK and Canada for approval

2. Propellerads


Link: Propellerads

This ad network is known for its pop-under ads ( Pop-under ads are the same as pop-up ads but the only difference is, pop-under ads are displayed when the website is closed.

Where pop-up ads are displayed on the screen and closed instantly ). It also provides native ads, banners and video ads.

Advantages :

1) the US $ 5 minimum withdrawal on PayPal and the US $ 20 for Payoneer

2) No minimum traffic requirements

3) Fast approval

Disadvantages : 

Visitors may get irritated by the type of ads on your blog.

3. Popads


Link: Popads.net

It was started in 2010 and running till now ( 2021 ) even after one decade, this platform is working well and the Pop ad network is used by many Blogger due to its low requirements and low payout.

Advantages : 

1) US $5 minimum payout

2) No minimum traffic requirements

3) Every type of content is eligible for ads ( even adult content too )

Disadvantages : 

It may confuse or irritate visitors as ads given by this ad network pop - up instantly on screen without any warning and sometimes pornographic ads may appear to readers, and ads are very sticky, they have no existing options, ads will only close when that particular page will be closed, it makes viewers very angry.

4. Revcontent 


Link: Revcontent.com

This ad network is a leader in native ads, native ads are ads which look very similar or related to your blog's content. Due to the good quality of ads on your blog, you get good clicks on ads on your blog, which increases your income.

Advantages : 

1) Due to good native ads on your blog you can earn more as compared to Adsense in different niches.

2) Ads don't irritate viewers.

Disadvantages : 

1) US $ 50 minimum payout

2) 50,000 monthly visitors needed

3) They don't accept any type of sites, only quality sites are allowed to join

5. Adcash  


Link: Adcash.com

Adcash works internationally as an internet publicizing platform for media purchasers, advertisement organizations and distributors.

They have been in this industry for the last 13 years. It offers display and native ad services to publishers.

Advantages : 

1) US $25 minimum payout

2) Bypass ads blocker and make ads always working on your blog.

3) No minimum traffic requirements

Disadvantages : 

You have to first review your site manually from their team then they will check whether you are eligible to join or not. So, if they find your content not good for them they can reject it.

6. AdRecover


Link: Adrecover.com

AdRecover is a user-friendly solution to get ads on screens of different peoples who use ad blockers while surfing the internet and they also keep user experience in mind. I found that they also educate the users about how banner ads help to keep people up to date and easy access to information and unbiased from the editor's personal views.

Advantages : 

1) It also bypasses ad blockers 

Disadvantages : 

1) 10,000 - 50,000 monthly visitors needed

7. Infolinks 


Link: Infolinks.com

It runs over 100,000 websites and blogs around the world and operates in over 128 countries. It's specialty is in-text advertising placement. Their software searches for keywords in the body of your blog which are related to ads created by ads campaign creators. Then it adds the ads on those relevant keywords and when someone hovers or moves the cursor over that keyword, then it shows them an advertisement on that keyword.


Advantages : 

1) US $50 minimum payout

2) No minimum traffic requirements

Disadvantages : 

You will only earn when someone make cursor or hover over targeted keywords

8. VigLink [Sovrn]


Link: Sovrn.com

Viglink is now known as Sovrn. This ad network works with more than 30,000 retail and big advertisers to monetize links.

It automatically converts links of products you mentioned in your blog into affiliate links which will generate an extra income when someone buys from that link.

Advantages : 

1) US $10 minimum payout

2) No minimum traffic requirements

Disadvantages : 

You will earn only when sales occur from that link.

9. Skimlinks 


Link: Skimlinks.com

It works similar to Viglink [Sovrn], it converts simple links into affiliate links and you will earn when someone buys from that link. 

In Skimlinks referral program you will get 35% of what they earn for a year for each publisher you refer.

Advantages : 

1) You will get 75 % commission when visitors click on the link and buy from your link.

2) They provide a nice referral program with 35% commission.

3) They doesn't mention any minimum traffic requirements

Disadvantages : 

1) You will earn decent money only when someone buys from your links, or when you join their affiliate program and make others join them.

2) Minimum payout is $65

Note : According to my personal experience, Skimlinks is better to choose than Viglink,  as Skimlinks have access to a global network of 48,500 merchants and 50 demand partners, which increases the categories of affiliate products.

The only difference between the two networks is that with VigLink you do need to apply to offers which you want to promote whereas with Skimlinks you’re automatically approved to promote any product.


10. Bidvertiser  


Link: Bidvertiser.com

It is a direct advertising network where you will find the best match between advertisers and blog owners or writers. Here, advertisers place bids on your blog ( entire or some particular part ) for getting their advertisement on the entire blog or particular part of the blog. You have full control over where you want to place ads on your blog or where not.

Advantages : 

1) Minimum US $10 payout

2) You can create custom ads for your viewers.

3) They also have good referral program

Disadvantages : 

As this system work on auction, if your site has good amount of traffic then advertisers will complete with each other to get place for advertisement on your blog and you can earn good money from it and same can happen in opposite way, where no one will be interested in your blog for advertisement and then you will earn very low or may be nothing.

11. Buysellads 


Link: Buysellads.com

It works similar to Bidvertiser, where buyers bid on your blog to get space for their ads to be placed on your blog and you can earn good money if your blog is quite popular.

Advantages :

1) It gives 75% of commission per click on ads, which is higher than Google's commission rate of 62% .

2) The minimum payout is US $10

Disadvantages : 

1) Minimum 100,000 / month traffic is required

2) Only English content is approved

12. Yllix


Link: Yllix.com

It is recommended to use on download type blogs, like downloading applications or pictures.

It is recommended for using on download type content because it provides ads which are shown on screen with a download button which are most common for individuals visitors to click on and so you can earn more as viewers will be clicking on ads as they are performing some action on ads.

Advantages :

1) In Referral program they pay $100 for new  publishers and advertisers to whom you refer and also extra 2% of their earnings for the lifetime.

2) US $1 is Minimum payout for PayPal and US $50 for Payoneer.

3) No minimum traffic requirements

Disadvantages :

1) It doesn't work or make you earn equally on all categories of blog.

2) Sticky ads can make readers irritated if used a lot.

13. Adbuffs 


Link: Adbuffs.com

Adbuff runs over 12 countries, it is the one of largest ad exchange networks in the world.

Currently, they provide a banner and display ads only. They don't give pop ads and also they are working on providing native ads.

It is also a good Google Adsense alternative with a good percentage of revenue share.

Advantages : 

1) Bloggers can get 90% of ads revenue, which is very high as compared to others. 

2) Signing up $25 bonus is provided

Disadvantages : 

1) Minimum 2000 / Month traffic is required 

2) Only English content from the UK, USA, Canada and Australia are preferred.

3) The minimum payout is US $ 100 for PayPal and Payoneer.

14. AdClickMedia


Link: Adclickmedia.com

Adclickmedia.com Advertising network is also a good alternative to Google Adsense where advertisers can place ads on blogs / websites.

It's Pay-Per-Click ad network is very effective as it places highly targeted Photo Text Ads, Banner Ads, and Interstitial Ads on only quality and relevant websites.

Advantages : 

1) No minimum traffic requirements

2) You can display your ads on different blogs and sites from just $49/month if you want some paid traffic on your blog.

Disadvantages : 

1) Blogger Blogspot can't join this network

2) US $50 minimum payout

15. RevenueHits 


Link: Revenuehits.com

This is a new Google Adsense alternative in the ads industry, but increasing their market share very fastly because they are targeting ads segments which need some specific actions to be done like purchasing something from ads or subscribing to some websites. In short, they run on pay per action model.

The good thing with this ad network is that they provide only clean ads means they care about users a lot. That's why you will not find ads of gambling, hacking, pornstars, etc on your website.

Advantages :

1) US $20 minimum payout for PayPal and Payoneer

2) No minimum traffic requirements

Disadvantages : 

1) Only pay per actions not on Impression - means only work good with the interactive audience who click your ads.

16. Amazon native shopping ads


Link: Affiliate-program.amazon.com

As its name suggests it is a product of Amazon and Amazon's conversion rate is a lot higher than its other competitors. It also works the same as other ad networks like Adsense, it places ads on your blog if they found relevant keywords for placing their products on your blog, but under this platform you will only earn when some buy from that advertisement.

Advantages : 

1) US $10 minimum 

2) Conversion rate is very good due to the Amazon tag in ads.

3) However, they doesn't mention minimum traffic requirements anywhere but I would recommend you to apply if you have at least 10 post + monthly traffic above 1000 visitors.

Disadvantages : 

1) Only people from US and UK can join them

2) This is my favorite affiliate company, when someone one purchases from your affiliate link, you receive commission but the downside is that currently this company gives very low commission which I don't like.

17. ClickAdu 


Link: Clickadu.com

This Company was founded in 2014 to compete with Google Adsense and it's alternatives and currently has 740 + active publishers. It provides different types of ads like Push Notifications, Pop - unders ads , Instant Text Message, Video ads, SKIM. The good thing about this ad network is they use the best ad server technology to show the best ads at the best place which maximizes benefits to publishers and advertisers. This is also a good Google Adsense alternative.

Advantages : 

1) Fast approval ( within 24 hours )

2) No minimum traffic is required

3) Minimum US $50 payout

Disadvantages :

1) It's approval is fast but it's manual 

2) It's push notifications and pop under ads can disrupt the viewer's experience.

18. Setupad 


Link: Setupad.com

It is a very good platform to get monetized if your blog gets 100K + monthly traffic and they  have also developed header bidding wrapper, header bidding SaaS solution, and SSP Adapter like programmatic monetization solutions.

Advantages : 

1) They use best technology to bypass Ad blockers and good Adsense's alternative

2) Use many up to date technologies for placing the best type of ads on your blog.

Disadvantages : 

1) 100K + monthly traffic required

2) US $100 minimum payout

19. Taboola


Link: Taboola.com

Taboola specializes in native advertising and it promotes content by native ads placements on the popular sites. It can also be run in combination with other ad networks or with other google adsense alternatives.


If you've seen the ‘Sponsored link/video’ label on a blog, then you have already experienced native ads, and Native advertising is a specialized form of advertising where ads are placed which are very similar to the content on blog.

At first sight it is very uncommon for you to find native ads different from content.

Advantages :

1) It shows native ads which give the most clicks and are also user friendly. 

2) You can earn way more than Google Adsense, if your blog's niche is perfect and high paying.

Disadvantages :

1) It as a publisher requirement of 500,000 monthly minimum traffic

2) Taboola minimum payout is $50

20. Ezoic 


Link: Ezoic.com

Ezoic is a Google award-winning platform for publishers. It is an ad testing tool that helps you to find the best location for your ads. With the help of its artificial intelligence technology, you can make maximum money from advertisements on your blog. Its AI technology tests different types of ads on your blog and places the best ads on your blog and at the best location.

Advantages :

1) It generates more revenue on clicks on the ads.

2) Minimum payout is $20

3) This ad network works on the EPMV model, which pays you per thousand visitors on your blog. EPMV stands for Earning Per Thousand Impression or visitors.

Disadvantages :

1) Minimum 10k visitors per month requirement

2) Ezoic does a manual review of sites, so it might take a long time to get started.

21. MediaVine


Link: Mediavine.com

It is also another very good ad network which works on native ads. Mediavine is passionately working with 7,700+ publishers. They have been in this industry since 2004. One likeable thing about them is their advertisements load at a quicker speed as compared to others this might be because they have direct partnerships with their partners.

Advantages :

1) High quality ads and gives more earning as compared to AdSense.

2) It works on the CPM model, so you will get paid when visitors just watched ads on your blog, it's not necessary to click users to make you earn.

Disadvantages : 

1) Minimum 50k monthly traffic required

2) Adsense banned websites are not allowed to join them.

22. AdThrive


Link: Adthrive.com

AdThrive was founded in 2013 by a husband and wife blogging team with the vision to help creators grow their ad income and work their dream jobs by creating digital content that matters.

Source : https://www.adthrive.com/who-we-are

AdThrive is an ad monetization network majorly focusing on food, home, parenting, and DIY categories. Since 2016, they are also providing digital marketing services to businesses.

Advantages :

1) Very high quality ads and generates maximum revenue for your blog

2) Minimum payout is $25

Disadvantages :

1) Minimum 100k / month traffic is required

2) Majority traffic should be from United States

3) No previous advertising infringements with major ad providers like Google Adsense, media.net 

23. Adsterra


Link: Adsterra.com

This company started in 2013 and serves 248 geos. Also known as a premium advertising network and a good alternative to Adsense.

Advantages : 

1) Minimum payment is $5 but only through Webmoney and Paxum

2) Approval in just 5 to 5 minutes with any type of content

3) No minimum traffic required

Disadvantages : 

1) It gives you low CPC as compared to Adsense so income will be lesser.

2 Minimum $100 payout if you want payment from PayPal

24. Bullet profit


Link: Bulletprofit.com

It is relatively new company in this arena but doing good with publishers and advertisers.

Advantages :

1. No minimum traffic requirements

2. Minimum payout is $10

Disadvantages :

1. Lesser earning due to low CPC

Conclusion :

At last, I will clear all your confusions, as I always do. Here, I will advise you to choose a particular Google Adsense's alternative ads network for your blog type.

Also, wait for the last part of this article where I will share some pro-tips with you.

A) Google Adsense alternative for new blog:

If you wanted to get monetization fast and earn fast then you can go with

2. PropellerAds

3. PopAds

5. AdCash

7. Infolinks

8. Viglink

9. Skimlinks

13. Yllix

14. AdClickMedia

15. RevenueHits

16. Amazon native shopping ads ( US and UK only )

17. ClickAdu

23. Adsterra

My opinion : PropellerAds or AdClickMedia ( specially for wordpress blog ) or RevenueHits or Viglink / Skimlinks or Yllix or Adsterra

B) If your audience is highly interactive :

7. Infolinks

9. Skimlinks

13. Yllix

15. RevenueHits

16. Amazon Native Shopping Ads ( US and UK only )

My opinion : RevenueHits and Amazon native shopping ads ( if visitors are from US or UK )

 and Skimlinks

C) Google Adsense alternative for affiliate type blogs :

7. Infolinks

8. Viglinks

9. Skimlinks

16. Amazon native shopping ads ( US and UK only )

My opinion : Skimlinks and Amazon native shopping ads ( if visitors are from US or UK )

D) Google Adsense alternative for high traffic Blog : 

1. Media.net

4. Revcontent

6. Adrecover

7. Bidvertiser

11. Buysellads

18. SetupAd

19. Taboola

20. Ezoic 

21. MediaVine

22. AdThrive

My opinion : Media.net or Ezoic or Revcontent or Taboola or SetupAd or MediaVine or AdThrive

E) Best Google Adsense for blogspot blogger with Low traffic and with lowest minimum payout : 

2. PropellerAds

3. PopAds

5. AdCash

13. Yllix 

17. ClickAdu

23. Adsterra

My opinion :

PropellerAds / Yllix / Amazon native shopping ads ( if you get US or UK visitors ) / 

Adcash ( they review manually, so content should of good quality )

ClickAdu ( they also review manually, so content must be good ) / 


F) Downloading website type blog :

12. Yllix ( because it's ads look like downloadable thing which bring more clicks on your ads and more earning )

G) Best ads network to prevent from Ad Blocker tool users :

5. AdCash

6. AdRecover

18. SetupAd 

My opinion : 

Setupad ( if your blog get 100k / month visitors) /

Adrecover ( if your blog gets 10k to 50k per month visitors ) /

Adcash ( they review your blog manually, but you can try it once if your content is good but gets less visitor )

Protips :  You can use multiple types of ad networks to your website at once as most of them ( except some ) doesn't mentioned anywhere that they will not work with other ad networks.

You can run Google Adsense with Media.net and also Amazon affiliate program or Skimlinks or Viglink and pop ads with each other, or you can join Adcash, Amazon native shopping ads, Viglinks, Skimlinks and Taboola, but - but you should remember that your ads don't hurt the user experience, if visitors left your blog due to bad experience or bad ads, then you will not be able to get anything from your blog in the long run.

So, carefully choose a user-friendly ad network like here I discussed all in detail ( like Media.net, Revcontent, SetupAd, Taboola, Ezoic, etc )  if your blog is known for its quality content and gets large traffic.

One more recommendation :

If you have 10k/ month views then just go for Ezoic, and then transfer to mediavine or Revcontent when you get 50k/ month views and then go for Adthrive if you have 100k / month views ( for US only ) or Taboola if you get over 500k / monthly traffic as these ads networks generate maximum revenue for your blog because they place very high quality ads on your blog.

FAQ related to google adsense alternatives :

Question 1. What are the best Google AdSense alternatives for the small website?

Well, that depends on content of your website and type of audience you receive, but for a small website, I am assuming that you get a lot less visitors then you should check ( E ) category in conclusion section and I recommend you to go with these google adsense alternatives if your website is small and gets less traffic - PropellerAds or AdCash or Yllix  or ClickAdu or RevenueHits or Skimlinks or  Amazon native shopping ads ( if you getting US or UK visitors )

Question 2.  Best Google AdSense alternatives for Blogger?

Except AdClick.Media all above mentioned ad networks accepte blogger websites, but if you want the best ad network then also it depends on how many visitors you get.

If you receive very less visitors than go for PropellerAds or AdCash or Yllix  or ClickAdu or Amazon native shopping ads ( if visitors on your site are from US or UK ) are good.

But, if you are getting high traffic then I would recommend you join ( any of them ) - Media.net or Ezoic or Revcontent or Taboola or SetupAd or MediaVine or AdThrive.

In short, best google adsense alternatives for Blogger are Adcash, ClickAdu, Media.net, Ezoic, Revcontent, Taboola, SetupAd, MediaVine, AdThrive, Propellerads and Yllix.

Question 3. Best Google AdSense alternatives for wordpress?

Best Google Adsense alternatives for WordPress also depend on how much traffic you get and from where your audience is and the type of audience you get.

But, if you have low traffic then go with PropellerAds or AdCash or Yllix  or ClickAdu or Amazon native shopping ads ( only if you are getting US or UK visitors )

And if you receive high traffic then go with this alternative of Adsense - 

Media.net or Ezoic or Revcontent or Taboola or SetupAd or MediaVine or AdThrive.

In short, the best Google AdSense alternatives for WordPress are Adcash, ClickAdu, Media.net, Ezoic, Revcontent, Taboola, SetupAd, MediaVine, AdThrive, Propellerads and Yllix.

Question 4: What are some creative alternatives to Google AdSense?

Some creative means they should be doing something different from other ads networks.

So, I think Infolinks, Viglink, Skimlinks, Amazon native shopping ads, RevenueHits and Adcash are some creative alternatives to Adsense as all have some unique features which you can read above.

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